Madison Pacific can act in various Trustee and Agent roles across a multitude of debt related transactions such as but not limited to Facility Agent, Security Trustee, Bond Trustee, Successor Trustee, Security Agent, Principal Agent, Paying Agent, Registrar.

Facility Agent and/or Security Trustee for bi-lateral syndicated or club bank or private equity lending

As Facility Agent, Madison Pacific coordinates activities relating to the loan facility, such as utilization requests from the borrower, P&I calculations, P&I repayments, coordination/payment of third party fees and expenses. Madison Pacific acts as an independent party maintaining the consolidated position for all lenders and plays a key role in administering the overall transaction. As Security Trustee, Madison Pacific holds a charge over security for the benefit of the interested parties, typically, secured investors or lenders and is willing to consider acting in both an onshore and offshore capacity in most emerging market jurisdictions.

Bond Trustee for private, Euroclear or exchange listed bond issuance

Bond Trustee for private, Euroclear or exchange listed bond issuance. As Trustee in a fiduciary capacity, Madison Pacific represents the interests of the bondholders. We also act as a documentation repository of pre-agreed documents and perform covenant monitoring on behalf of the bondholders. In the event of default, Madison Pacific takes a proactive role in protecting bondholders’ interests.

Successor Trustee and/or Security Trustee of defaulted transactions

Madison Pacific can offer responsive services to lenders to assist with enforcement and investment recovery. Circumstances may arise where the incumbent trustee is faced with a potential conflict or is uncomfortable with anticipated events that may require the trustee to exercise discretion or take decisive action. Given both our independence and special situations experience, Madison Pacific is an ideal counterparty to replace or assist the incumbent trustee.

Corporate Trustee

Madison Pacific can act as corporate trustee for unit trusts, CDOs and other specialized trusts structured for the marine or aviation industries.

Scheme administrator following restructurings

Madison Pacific can assist in carrying out corporate restructuring plans.

Security Agent holding a charge over both onshore and offshore security

Madison Pacific can hold a charge over both onshore and offshore security.

Principal Agent, Paying Agent and Registrar for private loan facilities

Madison Pacific can assist with paying or arranging the payment of principal and interest to bond or note holders. For private issuance of securities issued in registered form, Madison Pacific maintains a register of such securities including, amongst other things, ownership. and also records any transfer of ownership and coordinates between the applicable bondholders and/or lenders.

Tabulation and Exchange Agent supporting the process of exchange listed bonds

Madison Pacific calculates the redemption price of a bond or note and, in some cases, the coupon amount on the same. We also perform additional obligations such as “make whole”, priority of payments or apportionment calculations. Madison Pacific also coordinates the conversion of convertible bonds or convertible loans to the Issuer’s equity and coordinates with the Transfer Agent to deliver the equity to the bondholder or lender.

Charitable Trust

Madison Pacific can assist in the establishment of a charitable trust and in applying to the Inland Revenue Department to obtain exemption under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

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